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GSD Podcast is where we interview Top Real Estate Agents, Top Entrepreneurs, Top Fitness and Health Experts and people that DOMINATE their space! These are people that do not accept mediocrity, they have clarity on what they want in life and they take massive levels of action to create their dreams into a reality! They create epic lives!
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Jul 28, 2017

Top Real Estate Investor Kevin Lacasse has had a hell of a road to get to where he is. Having handled over 600 properties, Kevin knows what kind of effort goes into a real estate career. Having to overcome hardships such as properties burning down, shady partners embezzling money, countless renovation disasters, and so much more, Kevin always persevered to grow his business as large as possible. He’s also heading a new company, Ambit, which he is super excited about and any realtor can benefit from. Check it out!


0:01 - introduction

2:50 - journey to entrepreneurship and real estate

4:40 - Bought first duplex in 2000

7:40 - being unemployed and going full time on real estate

12:10 - one of his apartment buildings burned down and a partner embezzled most of his money

19:15 - deciding to buy a mobile home park and immediately getting an offer to manage another one

23:00 - what was your initial strategy when buying and holding real estate properties?

24:50 - how do you find these properties you wanted?

27:30 - how much of your success do you attribute to creating meaningful business relationships?

30:10 - how does your private lending business work?

31:00 - his new electricity venture, Ambit

32:20 - how do you get involved with Ambit and how do you make money from it?

36:40 - what keeps you driving and motivated during tough times?

38:40 - two pieces of advice he'd give to his younger self

41:20 - advice for listeners





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Cell: 603-530-2091



Recommended reading:

Technical Books

a.       Real Estate Investments & How to Make Them by: Milt Tanzer

b.      E Myth by: Michael Gerber

Mind set Books

a.       Rich Dad/Poor Dad & Cashflow Quadrants by: Robert Kiyosaki

b.      The Secret

c.       Millionaire Mind by: Thomas Stanley


a.       The Art of the Deal by: Donald Trump

b.      Master Builders by: Trammell Crow

Just an Awesome Book about the science of Risk Taking

a.       Deep Survival by: Laurence Gonzales

Jul 26, 2017

Top Realtor Lucas Pinto discusses how to hustle inside your real estate business! Most Real Estate agents forget how much work goes into a successful realtor career. In today's Favorite Clip of GSD Mode, Lucas Pinto tells Joshua what keeps him motivated and continuing to explode his real estate business, check it out!

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Jul 21, 2017

Top Entrepreneur Perry Marshall is one of the Greatest Digital Marketers ever! Specializing in Marketing and Business Growth, Perry ascended to the top of the Google AdWords and Google Pay Per Click businesses from the very beginning. He’s consulted in over 300 different industries, written multiple best-selling marketing books, and now is sharing his information on the 80/20 rule with the entire world in his new book, 80/20 Sales and Marketing: The Definitive Guide to Working Less and Making More. Perry and Joshua share so much priceless information for anyone looking to improve their marketing presence and business growth. Do not miss this one!



0:01 - Introduction

3:00 - What led you to entrepreneurship

8:30 - Did you start applying your new strategies you learned through training immediately at your sales job?

11:10 - What was your first venture after the company you worked for was sold?

16:00 - How did you get into Google AdWords?

21:30 - When did you transition to training and consulting people on Google Pay Per Click instead of selling and consulting in the industrial space?

27:50 - Why do you think most entrepreneurs fail?

29:50 - What kind of action did it take for you to become the #1 guy in your space?

33:40 - How was 80/20 born in your business? What sparked your interest in the 80/20 rule?

42:40 - What inspired you to give away your book, your information, and discoveries away for free?

51:00 - How would you apply the 80/20 rule to a real estate business?

54:50 - Is there ever a time where 80/20 doesn’t apply?

58:20 - Having coached in so many places, is it a mindset where people think this won’t work in their space?

1:01:50 - Where to get in touch and learn more about Perry

1:04:40 - If you could go back in time and give yourself 2 pieces of advice, what would those be?

1:08:50 - What is a question that you wish people would ask you?

1:11:00 - Asking for honest criticism from his mentors





Jul 21, 2017

Top Realtor and Top Entrepreneur Wayne Salmans is the man behind Hero Nation, a platform he uses to empower people to be all they can be. He is recognized as one of the top coaches for the #1 coaching company in the world, in the top 1% of realtors, and was voted one of 30 under 30 Top Realtors in the US. Listen to Joshua and Wayne discuss all things real estate, some highs and lows of getting into coaching, how to be fulfilled in your personal and professional life, and so much more valuable content. Check it out!

0:01 - Introduction
3:00 - Journey to entrepreneurship
7:30 - How do you identify what hero or what person you wanted to become?
9:10 - How did you make money back after losing it all?
11:00 - How did you get into coaching?
13:00 - What are some things you did to create real estate success in the beginning?
19:00 - How do you start with working on your self-fulfillment?
23:30 - Is the first step to figure out what you don’t want?
31:00 - The importance of having clarity in life
37:50 - What is the link between work and life and being successful in both?
41:00 - What were some initial struggles you encountered when launching your company?
43:50 - Where do you see yourself taking your business in 5-10 years?
46:00 - What does it mean to be your own hero?
49:50 - 2 pieces of advice you’d give your younger self
53:40 - Advice to the listeners
56:40 - What is Joshua most proud of in the last few years?

Wayne’s info:

Jul 20, 2017

Chris Watters is a top real estate agent and top real estate leader in Austin, TX currently doing 500+ deals a year and over $1,000,000 in net income! Chris also developed an amazing franchise system which allows other real estate agents to partner with him and his team. Listen to Chris describe how he managed to grow his team to the mega-team it is today, the systems he uses to net over 1 million dollars a year, how to find employees that have the same mindset and you and so much more! Don’t miss this one!

0:01 - Introduction
3:20 - Journey to entrepreneurship
8:00 - Why did you stay in college instead of acting on one of your business ideas?
10:20 - What were your first couple years in business like?
20:00 - What kept you going after your restaurant failed and you didn’t have much to your name?
23:40 - What was the next step after starting your own brokerage?
30:00 - Did you run your brokerage as a team of as your brokerage?
37:10 - When someone buys into your franchise system, what do they get? How does that work?
39:20 - Do you still sell homes or do you manage the business more?
44:00 - Do you provide ISA and leads for people who use your system?
50:00 - What are some things you specialize in that allow you to net over $1 Million?
59:40 - The only reason you can’t increase your business is because you have the wrong people working for you
1:01:40 - Chris talks about his upcoming book
1:03:20 - What Chris does with potential partners
1:05:10 - 2 pieces of advice he would give to his younger self to accelerate his business


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Jul 20, 2017

Top Realtor and Top Entrepreneur Devan McClish has accomplished more in his first 3 years in the real estate business than a lot of real estate agents do their whole career. At 24 years of age, Devan is a bright star in the Nashville, TN real estate market and a jack of all trades. A master of selling, buying, flipping, renting, rehabbing, etc.. Devan shares with the audience how he came to own 2 apartment complexes, over 60 rental units, how he uses direct mail as his primary marketing strategy, and how to invest in real estate with no money down! Looking for that bit of motivation to get your business on track for greatness? Watch this!

0:01 - Introduction
3:20 - Journey to entrepreneurship
5:20 - Why were you knocking on doors at 18 years old?
7:10 - How did you start landing deals in the beginning?
9:15 - What were the purpose of your partnerships?
12:50 - Did you have a mentor walking you through the sales process?
15:20 - What type of message are you sending to get people to want to talk to you?
18:30 - What’s your conversion of mail pieces to leads?
22:00 - How did you decide if you wanted to sell, flip, etc.. a property?
27:00 - Are you a fan of seeking hard money or going down the partnership route?
31:40 - What many investors careers get stifled because they get so stuck on what the house is worth today?
34:30 - Do you have a preference about the property type to invest in?
36:50 - What are some common mistakes investors make?
41:20 - What do you allocate for emergency funds of your properties?
43:20 - How did you get by after quitting your job and starting your business?
49:30 - Do you ever turn a house to a rental because you see the cashflow potential?
53:40 - If you could give 2 pieces of advice to your younger self, what would it be?
55:50 - Last words of advice from Devan to the audience









Jul 20, 2017

A 1st generation immigrant, Top Real Estate Agent Lucas Pinto describes the struggle he had to overcome to start his real estate career which led to him founding the Lucas Pinto Real Estate Group. After doing 24 sales last year, Lucas is on track to do 35 in 2017 and is a finalist for 425 Business Magazines 30 under 30 program. Listen to Lucas go in depth about what it takes to succeed in the real estate industry and provide huge realtor tips to anyone struggling to maintain their drive or grow their business.

0:01 - Introduction
4:10 - Journey to real estate
9:00 - What did your first year in the real estate industry look like? How did it go?
12:40 - What made the difference that improved your real estate selling?
14:20 - What happened when you transitioned to working on your own?
16:40 - How do you get that additional percent each transaction?
21:10 - How are you able to pull off telling clients “I can guarantee you $10,000 in savings”?
26:10 - What kind of effort are you putting in to gather leads?
29:20 - Where do you see yourself taking your business?
34:45 - If you could give your younger self 2 pieces of advice at the start of your career, what would that be?
36:30 - What kept you going in your business and wanting to build success?
38:30 - What’s the amount of hustle that is required to succeed in real estate?
41:30 - How to get in touch with Lucas
42:20 - Last pieces of advice to our audience
43:30 - Do you think your drive comes from watching your father lose everything?



Jul 19, 2017

Top Real Estate Investor Linda Liberatore is the founder and president of My Landlord Helper, an online virtual assistant for DIY real estate investors and landlords. Linda goes in depth on what is included in her software, some major mistakes new landlords make when renting a property, how to stay focused and driven, and so much more! Check it out!

0:01 - Introduction
2:40 - Journey to entrepreneurship
5:00 - Did you always have an interest in computers?
6:20 - When did you start public speaking?
9:30 - When did you become your own tech company owner?
13:30 - Can you describe how you try to make clients understand to buy below your budget?
18:30 - Where do most landlords make mistakes?
26:30 - Linda elaborates on her property management software
34:10 - Is your software for property owners or landlords? Who is it for?
37:10 - Where to find out more about Linda and her software
39:20 - What are some big obstacles you’ve had to overcome in your business?
43:50 - If you could give your younger self 2 pieces of advice to use in your business, what would it be?
46:10 - Are you able to relax and slow down on your business or do you find vacations hard to manage?
48:40 - Last words of advice and motivation for the audience




Jul 17, 2017

Consistently a Top Real Estate agent in the Aspen area, Doug Leibinger is in the top 1% of brokers in Aspen’s market. Focusing on luxury and vacation homes throughout his career, he knows the ins and outs of catering to a vacation based market. Doug shares with Joshua real estate tips that can benefit anyone, but especially those in a luxury market, how he finds business when most of his buyers are from out of town, what he does to build long-standing relationships with his real estate clients, and even shares what some of the systems in his business operate like. Doug shares so much valuable information any realtor can apply, but if you are looking to get in a luxury market, this interview is a must listen!


0:01 - Introduction

3:00 - How long have you been in the real estate business and what has it been like?

7:20 - What are some things you did early on in your real estate career to find success?

10:20 - How did working in the hospitality industry help you within the real estate industry?

12:40 - Has your real estate focus always been vacation homes?

15:10 - How do you meet your clients since they are from out of town?

18:00 - How did you keep pushing through the 2008/09 real estate crash?

20:30 - What are some things you were doing, outside of your mindset, that allowed you to experience success in your real estate business?

22:40 - Do you do certain things to engage with buyers out of the state and country?

24:20 - What are you doing to keep in touch with past clients?

27:10 - How important is it to you to have specific systems in place inside your business in order for you to sell the volume that you do?

29:20 - What does a normal day look like for you?

32:50 - Have you transitioned into the real estate development side like you originally wanted to?

34:50 - What are 2 pieces of advice that you'd give your younger self?



Jul 13, 2017

Rapid Business Growth is Matthew Pollard’s game. Nicknamed, The Rapid Growth Guy, Top Entrepreneur Matthew is the king of teaching small business owners how to expand their business, laying the foundation for years to come, and truly helping business owners discover what they want to do and why they want to do it and developing a successful business around that. Don’t miss out on the massive information that Matthew shares with us, this information works for real estate, small business, large business, or anyone looking to explode their business!


0:01 - Introduction

3:10 - Journey to entrepreneurship

6:00 - using YouTube to learn how to sell

8:00 - How did you get over the initial fear of rejection?

13:30 - What made you want to get into coaching instead of continuing your successful sales career?

19:30 - "Understand what your passionate about and build a business around it”

21:10 - What would you tell someone that is trying to reclaim their drive is having trouble doing so?

26:00 - Helping a coaching client realize the quality she brought over the competition

31:50 - What are some of the top mistakes new entrepreneurs make?

36:20 - What are some common limiting beliefs you hear from clients?

42:00 - What shifted to make you transition into social media and digital marketing?

51:00 - The importance of knowing the tactiss of digital marketing before you do it

54:00 - Mathew gives us a rundown of his coaching program

57:00 - Who is the academy for and who is the 1 on 1 coaching for?

1:02:00 - Is there a place where people can get on a waiting list to receive your new book when it’s released?

1:06:20 - Two pieces of advice that Mathew would give to his younger self

1:08:20 - What kind of question do you never get asked that you wished more people would ask you?

1:10:40 - How do you differentiate happiness and fulfillment?


- give your email and sign up for pre-order to save 32 percent! Send proof to Matthew and he will send you first chapter for free!



Jul 13, 2017

"How To Re-Succeed By Asking 3 Simple Questions Daily" GSD Interview with James Colburn. If you are looking to grow your business while also finding more internal fulfillment and happiness, don’t miss this interview. Top real estate agent turned real estate coach, James Colburn had a steady real estate career, selling 120 homes a year, but still felt something was missing. That’s when he started teaching others through coaching and through his best selling book, Re-Succeed. Listen to James cover how to expand your real estate protfolio while also finding happiness, why we should throw away our to-do lists, how to find fulfillment in what you do for a living, and so much more!

Jul 11, 2017

“What The Health” is the most popular documentary on Netflix as of right now. In episode 25 of The Ask Jim & Jay Show, the crew dives into what they agreed with in the documentary, what they disagreed with, whether or not they would recommend the documentary to somebody looking to optimize their health, and really dive in-depth about several studies and issues that were discussed inside the documentary. If you’re on the fence about watching the documentary, catch this episode and hear what health professionals have to say about it!

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0:01 - Introduction
1:50 - Jay Campbell talks about what he agreed with in ‘What the Health’ documentary
4:30 - Dairy products are all the toxins that came from that animal
9:20 - Why is it that Japanese eat a high-carbohydrate diet and aren’t dealing with diabetes as much?
11:30 - Jim’s video appears
13:00 - Viewer question: What’s the best method for cooking meat to get rid of impurities?
17:00 - The links between food and depression and how that’s covered in the documentary
23:10 - Do you feel that it’s a war on men’s health or human health?30:30 - “Not everybody can be a vegan”
36:00 - What did you disagree with in ‘What the Health’?
42:40 - Would you recommend our audience watch this documentary?
44:40 - Viewer Question: What oils/fats do you add to your macros if you are trying to bump up your calorie content?

Jul 10, 2017

Top Real Estate Agent Dan Ihara is the master of growing a real estate business with the use of group events, AKA real estate seminars. Dan has used this technique to explode his real estate business, generate leads, and sell hundreds of homes, but he also uses the time to educate the home-buyers of Hawaii about the growing problem that the elderly face when needing to relocate. This led to Dan founding Senior Move Managers & DeClutter Hawaii, two businesses designed to assist the moving process for those who aren’t capable of doing it by themselves. On top of all this, Dan found the time to start a Non-Profit Organization, Silver Spoons, in which they assist the elderly in moving, decluttering, and with any living service they may need. Dan is a genius in real estate, but it’s his large heart which really makes him valuable to Hawaii and to anyone needing real estate services in Hawaii.



0:01 - Introduction

3:50 - Dan’s journey to entrepreneurship

6:00 - Dan’s early years in real estate

10:50 - Starting DeClutter Hawaii & Senior Move Managers

13:30 - The ‘Senior Living Options’ Seminar

17:10 - Senior Move Managers

19:10 - Starting his property management company

22:00 - When did you realize that your seminars are where you need to focus?

25:30 - What does the advertisement for your seminar look like?

31:40 - Whats the overall structure of your seminars? How long does it take? Who speaks?

37:30 - What is your follow up look like to your email list?

38:50 - What is your non-profit and what inspired you to start it?
44:00 - When people reach out to you, is it natural or did you pursue them?

48:00 - Where does your passion come from?

55:40 - What does your coaching program look like?

58:00 - Where to learn more about Dan
59:00 -Advice Dan would give to his younger self






Jul 6, 2017

Top Real Estate Agent Tom Tezak moved from Illinois to Hawaii at the age of 40 looking for a big change in his business. After owning an army-surplus store for over 10 years, Tom was finally ready to dive in head-first to his real estate career and ever since then he has never looked back. Leaving a steady real estate career in which he sold 87 homes in his final 8 months in Illinois, Tom packed it all up and decided he wanted to do the same thing but in a better location. With a newfound appreciation for life, Tom has EXPLODED his real estate business and continues to grow each day. Tom goes in depth about things that he did in order to succeed in a new market, some fears he had when his business didn’t start as quickly as he had planned, and how he managed to grow and build an amazing team all while still selling real estate asa real estate agent himself, and so much more! Any aspiring real estate agents out there looking for motivation and tips about how to jumpstart your career, press play now!


0:01 - Introduction
3:30 - What led you to making the decision to pursuing real estate and moving to Hawaii?
5:30 - Getting a loan and opening up an army surplus store with his brother
8:00 - Do you think growing up around a funeral home caused you to reflect at a different level?
10:40 - Did your age and timing play into you wanting to move to Hawaii?
13:20 - Moved to Hawaii and didn’t have a sale for 3 months
17:30 - How important is consistency in your business?
23:30 - What goes into your newsletter that you send out?
25:00 - How did you start focusing on luxury real estate?
29:30 - What are some changes you made to allow your brokerage to take off?
35:00 - How did you balance growing your team while also being an active agent yourself?
38:30 - Have you ever struggled with not being able to enjoy your lifestyle because of your business?
41:00 - What is next for you in your entrepreneurship?
45:20 -, put in comment section ‘GSDMODE’ and you get 6 months of premium for FREE!
48:10 - Other ways to get in touch with Tom
51:00 - Words of inspiration for the audience


Phone: (808) 280-2055
Website:, put in comment section ‘GSDMODE’ and you get 6 months of premium for FREE!


Jul 6, 2017

Pejman Ghadimi is the definition of GSD Mode! PJ had no money, no job, was a refugee in a foreign country, but still ended up being a top entrepreneur in his spaces! Originally denied a job at McDonalds, Pejman never gave up and never stopped grinding until he found his way. Now at 35 years old, PJ has over 20 years of business experience, from running an exotic car shop, to being a multi-time author, this guy is the master of ‘Adapt and Achieve”. If you’re looking for some motivation to get your ideas and dreams kickstarted, press play now!



0:01 - Introduction

3:30 - Journey to entrepreneurship
6:00 - Managing a bank at 18 years old

9:30 - After getting fired, what were your first steps?

15:40 - Starting to get into car tuning instead of car washing because he saw a need for it

18:30 - Adapting to a market crash and forming his business around that

22:20 - How do you decide what path to follow next in your business?

27:40 - How do you go from detach yourself from day to day business, but still grow other projects in different areas of your life?

34:00 - “Most people don’t look far enough ahead in their business”

38:20 - What made you want to start writing books?

43:40 - People that are aware consume information better than people who aren’t aware

46:30 - Latest book ‘Radius’

54:50 - Best places to follow and see Pejman’s content

58:10 - What do you see yourself doing next?

1:04:10 - Pieces of advice to give to his younger self





Jul 5, 2017

If you have ever had trouble with negotiation, Chris Voss will show you the way! After more than 24 years with the FBI specializing in hostage situations and negotiation tactics, Chris knows all the tricks to ensure that you make any conversation go the way you want. Whether you are a realtor trying to buy or sell a home, an entrepreneur looking for a partnership you’ve been wanting, or if you even just want your friends and family to give you more support in your life and business, this interview is for you! Don’t forget to text ‘FBIEMPATHY’ to 22828 to sign up for Chris’ FREE negotiation newsletter.



0:01 - Introduction

3:00 - Journey to being in the FBI

7:20 - When did you decide you were going to be done with the FBI and transition into the business world?

12:00 - How do you bounce back from a failure to ensure that it doesn’t break you?

14:00 - How do you turn what you were doing into a business?
18:30 - “Talk to your clients multiple times a week always”

24:50 - How do you convince someone to pay you what you are worth?

28:00 - What recommendations do you have for agents trying to get into the #1 position for homebuyers?

33:40 - Do you have suggestions on how to secure a face-to-face meeting?

36:10 - What are some ways to gain and use empathy during negotiations?

42:00 - What made you want to write a book?

48:00 - Can you use your tactics to gain support of friends/SO?

52:30 - What are some common mistakes you see people making during negotiation?

54:55 - 2 piece of advice Chris would give to his younger self

57:30 - Can someone get themselves in trouble if they don’t know the difference between empathy and sympathy?

1:00:00 - Something that no one asks Chris that he wish they would

1:04:00 - Words of inspiration for the audience





Jul 3, 2017

Top Real Estate Agent Ricky Carruth is a MASTER in the real estate space. While selling over 100 homes yearly, Ricky has continually grown his business ever since it’s inception. Any Realtor looking for realtor tips NEEDS to watch this episode. Ricky shares his phone scripts that he uses to convert leads, the types of emails he sends out to keep relationships with past clients, leaving a steady paying job in the oil field to jump into real estate full time, and so much more. This episode is packed full of priceless knowledge from one of the top realtors, don’t miss out!



0:01 - Introduction

3:00 - Journey to real estate

6:00 - What his real estate business was like in 2002

9:00 - Getting laid off his oil rig job and having real estate as back up

12:30 - Did you leave real estate knowing it was only going to be temporary?

17:20 - Some things you are doing now to generate leads and get new business?

23:40 - What kind of script are you using that gets results?

32:00 - When emailing your weekly market update, what's that look like?

36:30 - Do you only do the emails to stay in touch?

39:00 - What does a typical day look like for you?

42:50 - What Ricky finds important in his business and life

47:00 - Having mind clarity makes you operate more optimal

49:30 - What inspired you to write a book?

54:50 - Where to get his book

56:00 - His video training, Zero to Diamond

58:30 - Pieces of advice to give to younger self

1:02:20 - Words of inspiration for audience