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GSD Podcast is where we interview Top Real Estate Agents, Top Entrepreneurs, Top Fitness and Health Experts and people that DOMINATE their space! These are people that do not accept mediocrity, they have clarity on what they want in life and they take massive levels of action to create their dreams into a reality! They create epic lives!
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Jun 30, 2017

Top Entrepreneur and Financial coach Todd Tresidder shares PRICELESS information about how to properly save and budget your money to make sure you are financially set for the rest of your life! Any entrepreneur looking for tips, looking to get into real estate investing, or just looking to expand their pockets and bank account, definitely needs to not miss out on this one!

0:01 - Introduction
3:00 - 98% of adults are eventually financially reliant on their family once retiring at 65
7:30 - When taking on a client what do you ask to plant the seeds to get them to understand your process?
12:20 - The cause and effect chain to wealth
14:00 - “There is an art and science to all financial questions”
20:30 - Is there a truth to good debt / bad debt?
24:40 - Advice for first time home buyers
30:00 - Todd’s thoughts on Grant Cardone saying only buy income producing assets
35:30 - Do you have any advice for dealing with asset classes?
42:00 - If you want to be financially secure when older, real estate is the best bet
45:40 - Do you tell clients to track their spending daily?
50:00 - How to save money on coaching programs
54:00 - How Todd tracks his spending
56:00 - Sometimes money tracking apps aren't good to use
59:20 - Todd expands on wealth translation and his coaching programs
1:02:40 - Couple pieces of advice he’d give to his younger self

First interview:

Jun 30, 2017

Brandon Turner is an active real estate investor,

house flipper, host of BiggerPockets podcast, and so much more. Listen as Brandon dives into detail about how real estate agents can develop good relationships with investors, where to begin your real estate investing career, what his day to day responsibilities look like, what inspired him to start the BiggerPockets podcast, and so much more useful and incredible information!

0:01 - Introduction

2:30 - Journey to entrepreneurship

4:40 - What happened after you got your first real estate deal?

7:00 - How did you start finding your real estate deals in the beginning?

11:30 - What do you look for when analyzing your investment numbers?

15:20 - “The hell house”

22:20 - What led to starting BiggerPockets podcast?

23:40 - Viewer question

26:00 - Direct mail viewer question

29:30 - Viewer question

32:00 - How many offers get accepted?

36:00 - What made you want to write a book?

40:00 - Where to find his books?

42:00 - Two pieces of advice to give to your younger self

44:30 - How do agents get on investors good side and develop a good relationship?

47:10 - Advice for aspiring entrepreneurs


Jun 29, 2017

Hear from Top Entrepreneurs Dennis Yu and Logan Young as they discuss everything related to Facebook Marketing. Facebook Marketing tips, how to use Facebook to EXPLODE your business, the impact not having a FaceBook marketing plan could have on you,  why you need to have a FaceBook page for your business and keep it monitored, and so much more INCREDIBLY useful information. These dudes are the real deal, check it out!



0:01 - Introduction

2:00 - Background on Dennis

3:30 - Dennis’ journey to marketing

4:00 - Being foreign in school and being able to learn calculus in 2nd grade

7:00 - Learning the Facebook algorithm to see what gets ‘likes’

10:10 - The difference between Facebook Profile and Pages

16:00 - 3 principles of Facebook Marketing

22:00 - 6 seconds is the average length of a video watched on FaceBook

25:40 - Dennis introduces his business partner, Logan Young

30:00 - Personal etiquette applies when marketing online

35:30 - You need to figure out your audience before you start marketing

39:30 - The ceiling for Organic reach of Facebook ads is only 30%

44:00 - If you don’t sequence your posts on Facebook, it’s pointless

45:30 - How do you know your posts don’t suck?

48:40 - Videos tend to get more reach than any other type of post

53:30 - How do you engage an audience if your first attempts don’t work?

58:00 - Once finding a tactic that works, how do you scale up and build it bigger?

1:03:00 - Where to get in touch with Dennis and Logan

1:07:00 - Where to find out where and when they are having speaking engagements

1:09:00 - Questions seldom asked that you think are important



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Jun 27, 2017

A major blood testing company has decided to lower the range value of testosterone in men. What this means, how this affects you, and what you can do to be sure this doesn’t negatively impact you! Don’t miss this episode!


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0:01 - Introduction

1:35 - Labcorp has decided to lower the range value of testosterone in men

4:10 - People aged 19-39 are fatter and have higher estrogen levels than they’ve ever had

12:00 - The toxicity of the study that made that decision

21:00 - Viewer comment: Lack of quality care in Europe

27:00 - Go get your blood work done

31:20 - Viewer comment: Had to visit 7 doctors in Germany to get what he was looking for

33:00 - Viewer question: Will these new parameters be enforced?

41:30 - “One economic crash in country will cause a train reaction” - Jay

50:30 - Jay talks about leaving church at 7 years old

53:30 - Viewer Comment on religion

56:30 - Latest updates from CHEKD

58:00 - Outro

Jun 26, 2017

Matt Beall owns and operates Hawaii Life Real Estate, a Top Real Estate brokerage with over 200 agents and 30+ Full Time employees located in the islands of Hawaii. A top real estate agent himself, Matt’s team brings in over $30 million in revenue YEARLY. Matt and Joshua go deep into the tactics that have helped Matt grow his business into the super brokerage that it is today including how he generates leads, their HGTV show Hawaii Life, key things he looks for when making new hires, what to do first when starting your real estate career, and so much more! Check it out!

0:01 - Introduction
1:30 - Brief background on Matt
2:50 - Matt’s journey to entrepreneurship
8:00 - What are some initial things you did when starting your real estate career?
11:00 - What are some new things you noticed once you stepped into the investment side of real estate?
15:20 - What made you want to become a broker even though your business was already booming?
20:30 - How did you manage growing your business while also selling real estate yourself?
27:00 - How do you feel one becomes a “master” of real estate?
32:00 - What are some things done in your business that allows you to get such high production per agent?
40:00 - When recruiting, how do you educate your recruits so they see the value of what you have to offer?
45:50 - What lead generation tactics are you using that are working well for you now?
52:20 - Their HGTV Show, Hawaii Life
55:20 - Does your location help you get business or do you have to sell that to clients?
1:00:00 - What advice would you give for someone looking to build long term relationships with clients?
1:04:00 - What kind of vision do you have for your brokerage in the future?
1:06:00 - Last words of advice/inspiration for aspiring real estate agents and entrepreneurs

TV Show:

Jun 23, 2017

Jason Buzi is a house flipper, real estate investor, wholesaler, entrepreneur, and founder of the Twitter movement '@HiddenCash". Hear from Jason about how he got started in real estate, the techniques he uses to steadily make over $1 Million a year, what made him want to give away $500,000 of his hard-earned money through @HiddenCash, his book, Smash Your Alarm Clock!: Living the Dream Through Real Estate Investing, and so much more. If you are looking to grow your real estate business, don't miss this episode of GSD Mode Podcast! Jason is also giving away 2 FREE REPORTS for GSD listeners that buy his book and send him the receipt, find out more inside!

0:01 - Introduction
2:50 - Jason’s journey into entrepreneurship
5:10 - Did you grow up in an entrepreneurial environment?
8:10 - How did you get started in wholesaling?
17:20 - Have you found any key indicators that you have found success with when targeting people?
22:00 - At what point did you want to start expanding outside of wholesaling?
29:10 - “40 is the new 30”
32:10 - What is your marketing strategy and database strategy?
37:40 - What are some things that a realtor would do to develop a relationship with a wholesaler?
42:00 - What was your “@HiddenCash” Project?
47:00 - Do you think if you were able to remain anonymous you would have kept doing it?
51:00 - What does it take to write a book?
55:50 - What are the free reports you wanted to give out? Where’s the best place to contact you?
58:40 - What keeps you not accepting ‘good enough’ and keeps you striving for greatness?
1:05:30 - Last words of advice and inspiration for our audience


Send your receipt from buying Jason’s book to and you will get 2 FREE REPORTS!


Jun 22, 2017

How To Manage, Budget, Invest and Track Your Finances as an Entrepreneur! Interview with Chris Peach. Chris is a Financial Advisor/Guru and goes deep on what Entrepreneurs can do to plan, track, measure and invest their money to continue growing their Business as well as prepare for the future!

0:01 - Introduction

2:50 - Why Chris was invited to the show again

4:50 - One third of Americans don’t save anything for retirement

8:00 - What was your discipline like to get out of debt?

12:00 - How does somebody begin to start saving their money in a responsible manner?

16:30 - No one is good at saving money and living one a budget immediately, it takes practice

19:40 - Do you recommend starting within your business and then your personal life, or both at the same time?

24:10 - Money spent isn’t always money wasted

29:50 - What is step 2 after you’ve started tracking money coming in and money going out? Can you discover where your money is specifically coming from?

34:50 - You have to be setting aside reserves for yourself and your business

42:00 - The importance of keeping reserves in Joshua’s personal life

44:10 - Where do you grow once you have your reserves and budget made?

53:00 - How concerned should people get with their monetary ups and downs?

56:00 - How do you feel about someone trying to get into real estate investing?

58:50 - Any tips for picking a good health insurance plan?

1:05:00 - Do you take precautions for worst-case scenarios, such as life insurance?

1:13:00 - How important is having a life insurance policy and a plan for your family?

1:15:00 - What are some products you offer and the best place to reach you?

1:18:30 - Advice for aspiring entrepreneurs

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Jun 22, 2017

Realtor Goes From Delivering Pizza's to Making $30K + Per Month! Interview with Billy Schneider. Billy is one of Joshua Smith's Top Agents on His Team. When He joined the Team He was delivering Pizza's and had a goal of creating a successful career in Real Estate where His Wife could stay at home full time with their Kids, He could provide a great Life for His Family as well as give back to His Church. He had a vision, set a goal, got to work and 100% has made it all a reality! This is a MUST watch!

0:01 - Introduction

3:40 - Why did you get into real estate in the first place?

7:45 - What was going on with you on the property management side of real estate that made you want to become a real estate agent instead?

11:30 - How was the transition from part-time real estate agent to full time real estate agent?

13:50 - How long did it take you from leaving your salary job until you were comfortably living full time as an agent?

15:20 - How were you generating leads in the beginning of your career?

17:50 - What are some key changes you made to double your business?

21:30 - What are you doing to keep relationships going with past clients?

23:50 - Bobby Question: Did you change your social media approach after you became a realtor?

34:00 - When you build confidence in yourself and your business, everything gets easier and more manageable

35:10 - What else do you do for your clients beside social media?

37:10 - Billy’s Facebook Ad strategy that helped him get his leads

40:10 - What have you found to be the most effective layout for your Facebook Ad?

45:30 - What keeps you driven to keep growing your business?

53:30 - If you could go back in time and give yourself some advice to excel your career, what would that be?

57:10 - Words of advice for new realtors and entrepreneurs looking to grow their business



Jun 20, 2017

Steroid Abuse and TRT, How To Do It Safely! Jim, Jay & Dr. Grossman GSD Mode Podcast. Steroids get abused constantly by Athletes, Bodybuilders and just those looking to improve the way they look. In this episode we discuss how to do it safely and how not to abuse it!

0:01 - Introduction

2:50 - Debunking the myths behind TRT & steroids

10:00 - The health risks that you are putting on your body by using illegal drugs

12:00 - You can take testosterone, but you still have to put in massive work to get body results you want

17:30 - Athletes should have access to cannabis, testosterone, etc..

19:40 - Viewer question: What would be a good amount to have your testosterone checked per year?

28:35 - Viewer question for Aaron Grossman

31:20 - The human body is an upside-down plant

38:30 - Viewer question: Does your testosterone increase when you make positive lifestyle and diet changes?

46:00 - Viewer question: Does metformin get the GI flora under control with proper diet?

50:30 - Benefits of taking oregano capsules to cleanse their gut?

59:40 - Outro

Jun 19, 2017

Husband and Wife Real Estate Team Sell Over $100Million Per Year In Real Estate! George and Jennifer Laughton are 2 Rock Star Real Estate Agents in Phoenix Arizona. Their Team closes over $100Million per year in Sales and continue to grow each and every year. They go into detail on how they built their Team, their structure, their strategies as well as how to create a successful Team while maintaining a successful Marriage!


0:01 - Introduction

2:30 - Laughton’s introduction

4:10 - How they got started in entrepreneurship

7:00 - George signed Jennifer up for real estate school

9:30 - How did you transition into the REO space of real estate?

14:00 - How much work went into your business during the real estate crash?
16:00 - How did you transition back into traditional real estate again?

19:50 - Where did you start during your transition?

24:40 - How long did you take investing until you got a decent ROI?

27:30 - How did you know when to expand inside your real estate business?

29:30 - How is your business structured employee wise?

35:20 - How does someone prove themselves to get hired by you?

38:50 - Does being transparent with your numbers in your business drive culture around the office?

42:30 - How do you structure who gets to use your ISA to get leads?

47:30 - Where do you see yourselves taking your business?

51:00 - How do you make sure you don’t drop the ball in other areas of your life outside of business?

57:00 - Advice to other couple’s that are a real estate team or looking to be a real estate team

1:00:00 - What are some things you plan to do differently once the market crashes again?

1:03:10 - What would you say some of the biggest learning experiences you’ve had in your entrepreneurship?

1:08:50 - How to get in touch with the Laughtons

1:09:40 - Last words of advice and inspiration for aspiring agents and entrepreneurs




Jun 16, 2017

Top Title Company Market Rep Helps Realtors Immediately Grow Their Real Estate Business! Jon Storey is a Title Marketing Rep in Phoenix AZ, He is the Title Rep for Joshua Smith's Team and He has a totally different approach to helping His Agent Partners create success! While so many Title Market Reps may help Realtors create flyers, etc... Jon actually teaches true strategy that helps them blow up their Business. He has helped one of Joshua Smith's newest Teammates generate and land 10 listings in only a few months with Social Media! If you want some great ideas to dominate inside your Business, definitely check out this interview!

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0:00 - Introduction
4:10 - Jon’s journey into sales
5:30 - How do you go from entering the business to becoming the top producer in 2 years?
8:20 - How much effort and action does it take to be where you are?
12:30 - The story of the Instant Ramen on the table
15:00 - How do you stay so busy with work and not neglect family and over things in your life?
19:30 - How does your relationship of titling rep to realtor work?
21:20 - What are some things you do with Joshua’s team to ensure they succeed?
24:40 - What is your regimen when trying to bulk on a ketogenic diet?
28:00 - How do you hold people accountable?
33:00 - What are some differences between people that hit it big and people that struggle and end up failing?
41:00 - At what point do you know what client to say ‘no’ to?
44:20 - What are some social media tactics that help you grow your business?
52:00 - What is a good mix of personal/business on social media?
57:50 - What are some things agents could be doing to build a relationship with their title rep?
1:03:20 - If you could give yourself 2 pieces of advice to your younger self, what would it be?
1:08:00 - Advice to new aspiring entrepreneurs



Jon's Facebook:

Jun 16, 2017

Joshua Smith's Real Estate Team Manager Shares LIVE How To Create a WINNING TEAM! Ashley Belliveau was Joshua Smith's first employee on inside His Real Estate Team over 10 years ago... Today She is the one that truly runs the Team and is responsible for all the success REVISTO Real Estate Group continues to have! She goes in depth on the systems, processes, culture and much more inside Joshua Smith Real Estate Team!


1:18 - Introduction

4:30 - Ashley’s role in Joshua’s company today

6:00 - The structure of the support staff of Joshua’s team

9:40 - How many listings per week can a good listing coordinator handle?

11:50 - What kind of systems has Ashley built for Joshua’s business?

16:00 - What are each positions responsibilities?

20:00 - How many hours go into each file?

22:30 - On the buyer side, what do the systems look like?

27:20 - What are some of the things that you do to keep the culture good in the office?

32:00 - How important for you is it to inspect people’s workflow each day?

35:20 - What is the initial on-boarding process for a new hire?

38:00 - The new competition Ashley has in the office

41:15 - How important is tracking and goal-setting for agents?

47:30 - Ashley expands on the Revisto Team PlayBook and why it’s important

53:50 - How important is self-development to your overall success?

56:00 - Recommended books: Essentialism,

58:50 - Ashley’s budgeting advice for real estate agents

1:01:40 - Last words of advice and inspiration for aspiring entrepreneurs and agents

Jun 14, 2017

"Life Expectancy For Americans Is Declining... Here Is What You Can Do To Personally Increase It" Ask Jim, Jay & Dr. Grossman Show. For the first time in decades, the average life expectancy of Americans has declined... We discuss why this is happening and what you can personally do to combat it!

00:45 - Introduction
2:40 - “the life expectancy in the United States drops for the first time in decades”
6:40 - Why does school teach everyone how to enhance disease processes?
9:50 - “Everyone today is suffering from some type of energy misuse”
14:00 - Is nutrition enough to counteract a lifetime of unhealthy eating habits?
20:00 - Why don’t people stick to healthy habits after having a health threatening surgery?
26:00 - When is the last time any of the crew was sick or ill?
33:00 - “I like the game at Costco where I look at everybody else’s cart”
35:40 - What are the top 3 supplements people can take to enhance their health?
40:10 - Staying away from sugars will change your tastebuds to make you not want them anymore
46:00 - Canola Oils and related products are some of the most unhealthy things Americans are intaking
53:00 - You have to choose to be pro-active and to optimize your lifestyle based on your surroundings
1:00:00 - What would you recommend in order to get your 3 grams of Omega-3 a day?
1:01:20 - Viewer question: “Are there benefits to taking an ice-cold shower in the morning?”
1:07:00 - Viewer question: “Sexual drive decreased, blood work in mid-500’s, any advice or tips?”
1:12:00 - Viewer comments


Jun 14, 2017

"Tough Things First" Interview with The Longest Standing CEO In Silicon Valley History Ray Zinn. Ray Zinn is the longest standing CEO of a publicly traded company in the History of Silicon Valley! Ray led His Company through 8 Recessions over 38 years and was profitable each and every year but one.


Ray recently published a book "Though Things First: Leadership lessons from Silicon Valley's Longest-serving CEO" which is an MUST read for all Entrepreneurs!

1:00 - Introduction

4:00 - His boss telling him “to go do his own thing, that the corporate world wasn’t for him”

8:00 - “I was forced to quit and it was the best thing that ever happened to me.”

11:00 - “I invested heavy in real estate”

12:50 - Advice for people aspiring

16:40 - How do you go from 1970 to what you’ve done now?

22:00 - “I was able to forecast the downturns (economic) and plan for it”
29:30 - “an entrepreneur has to be an optimist and a little bit paranoid”

33:30 - How do you identify what is essential in your business and how do you make sure you stay focused on that?

39:30 - How did you go about building such an amazing culture inside your business?
45:20 - Did you always have this drive and discipline in you?

49:20 - What led to you getting inspired to write your book?

57:10 - Do you think that the fundamentals of economy are timeless, or should you always stay up to date on new techniques and technologies?
1:03:10 - What advice would you have for a father to prep their children for the future workforce?

1:10:10 - Do you feel that customer service has gotten worse over the years?

1:17:10 - “If you have to work 16 hours a day, there’s something wrong with your work-ethic”

1:24:40 - Did you surround yourself with like-minded people?

1:28:40 - “Learn to love the things you hate”

1:35:00 - “I wash my own car to keep myself humble”

1:39:20 - Ray’s wife chimes in about Ray’s career

1:45:00 - Are there any things you did to succeed in keeping long relationships with your customers?

1:48:30 - Last pieces of advice for aspiring entrepreneurs


"Though Things First: Leadership lessons from Silicon Valley's Longest-serving CEO" Book:





Jun 9, 2017

"How To Create a Mega Mortgage Team & Become a Successful Serial Entrepreneur with David Kob". David came to the US with nothing... Through straight up hard work and a huge vision He has grown many successful companies and has become a Millionaire. He shares His Story, what He had to give up and how He has created massive success!

Jun 8, 2017

Mega House Flipper Goes From Losing Everything To Re-Building Bigger Than Ever! Cole Hatter started His Entrepreneur Career flipping homes. When the market crashed, unfortunately His Business did too... But instead of giving up, He decided to learn from His mistakes and re-build. The success from House Flipping has now led to Cole running many different successful Businesses including "THRIVE" Where Cole and His Wife Teach Entrepreneurs not just how to create success but also to give back and have a large impact. This is a MUST watch interview!


Make Money Matter Podcast:

social media:

Jun 7, 2017

Going From Jobless To Extremely Successful Real Estate Agent and It All Started by Knocking on Doors! Ryan Shilow was a top Salesmen at His Company, but when the market crashed, the Company was forced to lay off the entire department. He decided to jump into Real Estate and started off creating immediate success by knocking on doors! Ryan is raw, real and 100% authentic! This Guy is full of energy and shares a ton of great knowledge!



Jun 6, 2017

Brad Finkeldei had a good "Corporate" job, but still felt like something was lacking... He hired a "Life Coach" to help Him find fulfillment and the experience became so powerful that He decided to become a Life Coach Himself... Since becoming a Life Coach and helping tons of people improve their lives, He has also become a Best Selling Author and Speaks Nationally and Internationally!
instagram: @therubberchickenguy



Jun 2, 2017

Going From $0 To Selling Over $1Billion In Real Estate By Hard Work & The Use of Video Technology! Ben Bacal is a Mega Agent that specializes in Luxury Real Estate! He got His start as a young Realtor pounding the pavement, then overtime discovered the massive power in video marketing. He shares how He has built and continues to grow His amazing Business!


Website:, put in code gsdmode and you get the app for free

Jun 1, 2017

Top Real Estate Team Leader Makes Millions and Shares His Strategies! GSD Interview with Jeff Cohn. Jeff is the #1 Real Estate Team Leader for all of Berkshire Hathaway and in a short period of time, He has accomplished what most Realtors dream of accomplishing! He also has recently started a new Realtor Training Program where He shares everything He does inside His Company. I have personally known Jeff for several years, I have hung out with Him at His Office, We both Mastermind together a lot... I am here to tell you, He is the "Real Deal" and I highly recommend checking out this EPIC Interview!